Who We Are

The Environment and Community Development Association (ECoDAs) -People & Planet Aid is a Cameroon-based indigenous, non-profit, non-governmental and professional resource organization.

ECoDAs is made up of a group of environmental activists and positive thinkers both in Cameroon and abroad who are passionate and committed to working with underprivileged and environmentally delicate communities in Cameroon with a focus on the South West and North West regions of Cameroon.  ECoDAs works with and for local populations, particularly women and youths to ensure the sustained improvement of the quality of life of low-income rural population while at the same time seeking community participation in environmental protection initiatives. ECoDAs was founded in 2015 and legally recognized as a non-profit making organization in Cameroon in 2o18 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration via prefectural order No: 247/E.27/750/SAAJP in conformity with law No 90/053 of 19/12/1990.

We are focused on initiating community led self-sustaining and ecologically balanced people with centred initiatives for socio-economic development. We achieve this by working in partnership with local communities and other relevant stakeholders, including the government and international organisations to unveil and strengthen the potentials and opportunities within local communities for sustainable development.

We are engaged in local sustainable development initiatives aimed at improving livelihoods of the local population and reshaping delicate landscapes.

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