Do you find the work of ECoDAs to be of interest? Do you feel an urge to make a positive contribution to ECoDAs outside of funding or in-kind donations? ECoDAs welcomes you to volunteer an important resource; your time! The organization recognizes the major contributions made to many organizations by volunteers and it can also attest to being positively impacted by volunteers. Volunteers assist greatly while being allowed an opportunity to have more exposure, to build on skills, and to experience a range of stimulation that will leave them a more thoughtful, conservation-conscious human being. Volunteering with ECoDAs is an amazing exchange that leaves both the organization and the volunteer, better! Some guidelines for our volunteers:

  • ECoDAs generally offer 3-6 month periods of volunteering.
  • You are able to present your own project or research idea you’re interested in pursuing along with funding source or you can assist with projects currently being undertaken by ECoDAs.
  • ECoDAs is able to assist you with applying for your necessary permit to work with ECoDAs, but you’ve got to help the organization to help you, by presenting relevant paper work and cover costs.

For more information on volunteering with ECoDAs, kindly contact us at [email protected]. ECoDAs wants your time, your skills, your effort, your knowledge; are you willing to share with this Cameroonian Conservation and Development Organization – yours?