Gender Equality & Natural Resources

Because of cultural and traditional discrimination, women and other vulnerable groups are often excluded from decision-making processes concerning natural resources management and development opportunities. ECoDAs empowers and supports women and the girl child by educating them on their rights, engaging women in income-generating activities, improving women’s organizational and management capacities, promoting girls’ education and vocational training. We also ensure gender parity and mainstreaming, youth inclusiveness, protection of the rights of indigenous people and local communities in all our projects.  Access and control of women over land, forests and livelihoods based on them, is at the centre of all our interventions. Rights of indigenous communities to natural resources and to their ancestral land are another core focus of our work.

  • Supporting the critical role played by women in the conservation and management of natural resources as well as initiating and strengthening interventions that enhance women participation in decision making and minimize gender inequalities;
  • Strengthening the role of women in natural resource management and supporting women to gain access to ecosystems services and livelihoods.