Women and Girls Empowerment

From New Ideas to New Opportunities

Empowering Women for Nation Building

We create new ideas and use the rights-based approach to create new opportunities for re-conceptualizing peoples understanding of rural women’s poverty while taping into the reserve strength of women to help them have a voice of empowerment.

Women and Girls Empowerment (WAGE)

Generally, the woman and the girl child are greatly marginalized due to existing traditions and cultures that discriminate against them. Women are hardly consulted during decision-making processes by men, conferred land property ownership and suffer from various forms of abuses. In addition, women have been victims of malnutrition in the face of inadequate development alternatives. They are faced with the extra burden of taking care of the family. Despite their important role in our society, women have not always had the same access to formal education as men.  domination of one sex by another does not result from contradictions between sexes but from structural mechanisms, which affect the underprivileged and the marginalised class as a whole. More so, poverty, coupled with ignorance and cultural stereotypes have led to intellectual disability of most female children in communities.

We empower and support the woman and the girl child through:

  • Education and sensitization of women on their rights in society ;
  • Engaging women in income-generating activities;
  • Improving women’s capacities in group management, business planning, leadership and financial management
  • Promotion of girls’ access to basic education and vocational training so as to curb illiteracy among young girls and build a stronger women society in future.

  • Engagement with Multiple Stakeholders

    Under our WEP program, we work with girls in and out of school, poor women, widows, single mothers, successful career women, business women, self-help groups and women based institutions. To brace our efforts we seek partnership with schools, sectorial departments of relevant government ministries, other organisations in order to strengthen our efforts to bring about constructive and sustained societal change.

  • Future interventions (Our Vision)

    As a strategy to scale up our impacts, we plan to create partnership with other international donor agencies to scale up school scholarship for girls in school and vocational training support to girls, single mothers and widows. We will also facilitate creation and strengthening of more Self Help Groups and Women-based institutions at the community to address issues of women at their respective community levels. In addition, we will build capacities and support women to engage in viable income generating activities to empower them socially and economically.

Your Support

Join the action. Your support can keep more girls in school and empower poor women especially single mothers/widows take up viable income generating activities to help themselves and their families.

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