Water, Health and Sanitation (WASH)

Increasing poverty among local communities makes us to understand their inability to attain certain social development objectives. For instance many people in our project area do not have access to clean water and proper health care due to poorly managed water sources and inadequate health facilities respectively. Water-related and sexually transmissible diseases such as malaria, cholera, dysentery and HIV/AIDS are rife, particularly among pregnant women, youths and children. Moreover, basic materials and equipment needed for the treatment of these diseases are either absent, inaccessible or unaffordable to these vulnerable communities.

ECoDAs seeks to contribute towards improving people’s health conditions and health infrastructure through:

  • Forming and strengthening rural WASH institutions;
  • The provision of potable water and health equipment to remote areas;
  • Malaria and HIV/AIDS education;
  • Provision of sanitation education and facilities;
  • Promotion of proper water catchment management and restoration.
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