Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood

Local communities in our project areas have been so subsistence in their agricultural practices   for generations with little or nothing for the market. This has often led them into a vicious cycle of food insufficiency, abject poverty, malnutrition and hunger. With increasing industrial development and rising human population, rural populations need to produce more in a rather professional and organised manner, reduce post-harvest losses and add value on produce through transformation and processing so as to produce in industrial scales, attract markets and increase profit margins. In addition, they need access to marketing information and new technologies as well as established partnerships with other development actors and the private sectors.

ECoDAs Strives to Improve Local Livelihoods through:

  • Training and support in the development of  modern agro-enterprises;
  • Formation of producer associations and cooperatives;
  • Value addition to farm produce via transformation and processing facilities
  • Improvement of farmers’ access to markets, information, new technologies as well as assist them establish partnerships with other development partners and private sector.
  • Engagement with Multiple Stakeholders

    ECoDAs engages with small-scale individual farmers, farming families, farmers associations, agribusiness persons, food markets owners. We also seek support from other national and international institutions to scale up our actions and activities with these poor farmers.

  • Future interventions

    Poor small-scale farmers in our Regions are poorly organized, lack new knowledge, equipment, better seeds, lack storage and processing facilities as well as lack links to buyers and markets. Our aim is to aid meagre farmers with new cultivation techniques, better seeds, farm and processing equipment, organize farmers in cooperatives, link farmers to markets and train them on how to apply for microloans to become more effective and offer a secure income for themselves and their families.

Your Support

Your support will help poor farmers organise, assess new techniques, better seeds, and equipment and help farmers build co-operatives, so they can sell in bulk. The support will bring changes in the lives of farming families in remote communities of our Regions.

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