Environmental Education and Awareness

The basic environmental conservation rule is that “if people are not made to understand why they should conserve, they may not see the need to do so”.  ECoDAs believes that although some people damage nature out of greed and are fully aware of the consequences, others do so from ignorance and/or are compelled by socio-economic inequities and the need to meet their basic needs. One of the key objectives of ECoDAs is to enhance and promote conservation and environmental education programs among young people and the general public on ways to sustainably utilize natural resources, the environment and ecosystem services that they provide. We engage the young ones through excursions to protected areas, zoos, tree planting, and clean-up exercises and competitions. Other approaches include workshops, seminars, rallies, meetings etc.

We also engage the general public through radio discussions, online and print newsletter publications on environmental issues. The aim is feeding attitudes and behavior change, skills, knowledge, and values to prepare environmentally friendly-citizens who care and protect nature, and instilling a sense of environmental responsibility to Cameroon’s citizens. We strive to increase and enhance public awareness and participation on nature conservation within local communities, students and the wider public and create awareness on the nexus between conservation and sustainable livelihoods as well as the importance of ecosystem services in the improvement of the quality of lives of the local communities.