Our Journey

When a People fail to understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment and their lives as well as ways they can take action to keep their environment healthy and develop communities, then sustainable development is far-fetched. This is the quest with which ECODAS began her activities in Ndu; an area which is commonly known as the coldest place in Cameroon.


ECoDAs was Founded

In May 2015, in Ndu Municipality, Cameroon convinced that the future of every community lies in capturing the passion, intelligence and resources of its people, ECoDAs founders realized that many organizations are not taking into account the priorities, opinions, abilities and strengths of local people in remote communities. The passionate environmentalists and local development advocates decided to found a nonprofit and eco-conscious development organization that will collaborate with local peoples to unveil and build their strengths. ECODAS is born.

First Project Launched

We launched maiden project dubbed “Eco-School Project” intended to educate young school children and students in over 10 schools in the Ndu Municipality. Young people were educated and encouraged to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it. Schools were also encouraged and supported with trash cans to ensure good waste management practices.

University Of Buea Periperi Program/USAID Supports ECoDAs Founder’s Climate Change Research in Ndu

With financial support from the UBuea Periperi Program thanks to the United State Agency for International Development (USAID), ECoDAs’ founder authored a climate change research in Ndu. Surprisingly, the study revealed that Ndu is experiencing rising temperatures and more and more erratic rainfall. Therefore, the need to urgently put more climate resilience-based interventions into practice in agricultural and environmental delicate landscapes in Ndu was recommended. In addition, he further recommended that building community resilience in sectors such as water, energy, health and other pressures are critical to achieving sustainable development of remote communities. This research results and recommendations triggered ECoDAs to reflect on her one year of stimulating community actions for environmental protection and poverty alleviation in the area.

ECoDAs Begins Process of Institutional Change

ECoDAs begins a process of institutional change based on an alertness that there is a need to better position herself as an organization that has a clear value-add in the multilevel intervention climate change mitigation/adaptation and be able to deliver our unique rural development impacts with fewer resources reaching many other needy communities.

ECoDAs turns into a Membership Organization

The evolving vision and mission of ECODAS led to the holding of a general assembly meeting with members both national and international after a series of consultations. In this meeting, we clearly identified our areas of intervention to ensure restored hope and dignity of our communities in their own socio-economic capacity that will enable them not only endure but strive.

Cameroon Government Legalizes ECoDAs

In August 2018, ECoDAs legally recognized as an apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit making organization under the provisions of Law N0 90 / 053 of 19 December 1990 and Law No 99 / 014 of 22nd December 1999 governing creation of associations and non-governmental organizations in Cameroon.


ECODAS is initiating and fosteringchange in communities by designing and implementing projects geared toward empowering and transforming rural communities in Cameroon.


The road that has led ECODAS to where it is now was not a bed of roses; it was full of challenges and knowledge curves, mistakes, trial and error interventions, lack of resources. These challenges have also strengthened us as we continually made corrections where we make mistakes, learned the greatest needs and priorities of the communities and how to work with local people to combat barriers standing in the way of community growth.

Though still growing, ECODAS is motivated by the African Proverb that says:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with the smallest mosquito”.

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