Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be a lead organization in ensuring Cameroon’s natural environment and resources are valued and well conserved, sustainably benefiting the livelihoods of the communities.

Our Mission

ECoDAs’ mission is to promote the protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources as tools to fight against poverty and boost socio-economic development in Cameroon.


  • To conduct trainings and raise awareness of the people about the environment, forests, biodiversity, climate and ecosystem;
  • To ensure a sustained environment through enrichment of biodiversity by conserving and restoring natural and degraded ecosystems;
  • To promote sustainable forest ecosystem management, and sustainable natural resource utilization;
  • To help alleviate poverty and enhance community development by improving food security,
    creating income-generating opportunities, and assisting education, water and health.
  • To assist in human resource development through training and by contributing to educational institutions.

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