Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Flourishing ecosystems and thriving wildlife co-existing with vibrant communities in Cameroon.

This vision includes rich, healthy and productive ecosystems actively managed and sustainably used by local communities for the wellbeing of people and wildlife. It also features adaptive people and resilient ecosystems able to cope with climate change.


Our Mission

ECoDAs seeks to advance community-based, sustainable solutions that conserve biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of the poorest of the poor while bolstering socio-economic development and addressing climate change.



  1. Natural resources management and biodiversity conservation;
  2. Sustainable energy (Solar energy, Bio-gas energy, cooking fuel);
  3. Water supply, sanitation and hygiene initiatives;
  4. Livelihood enhancement, sustainable agriculture and food security initiatives;
  5. Climatic change mitigation and tree planting;
  6. Community empowerment (Empowerment of vulnerable groups including; Women, Youths, Children, the elderly and others).