How we work

ECoDAs applies a number of complimentary approaches: The rights-based approach is used to build human rights awareness among target groups and to enable them to advocate for their rights. The empowerment approach builds people’s capacity and competence as individuals and participating members of groups and communities to achieve results for themselves. This includes assessing their own needs and rights, developing a vision for change, and planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating their projects. To ensure that women participate in and benefit equally from all development activities, we use the gender-based approach in all we do. In many of our projects, we also apply the micro-project approach to support income generating and environment protection initiatives. Finally, the integrated approach interlinks aspects and components of individual projects such as empowerment, community-based forestry management, and livelihood improvement, to attain synergy effects and allow tailored initiatives for each community.

Our belief in impact investment requires us to apply our own resources, skills and assets augmented by those of our  partners to accelerate rural innovations and break the barriers to social change. This is the cornerstone of our hope for a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. We strive to build a network of leaders and organizations which share the same values and skills, and are result oriented and committed to creating a more inclusive world.