How we work

We engage in sustainable and scalable projects and programs for rural and underprivileged communities in Cameroon with more focus in the North West and South West Regions. It is our belief that the livelihoods of our rural populations can be improved with the benefits of indigenous and new knowledge, innovative technologies and partnerships.

We are a movement of sustainable bottom-up solutions for grassroots challenges 

We bring those with problems and those with the ability to solve them together. We achieve our goals by bringing and tapping into inspired, creative and innovative minds from our communities and beyond to share ideas and tested solutions to problems thus bringing change and hope for the future. Our belief in impact investment requires us to apply our own resources, skills and assets augmented by those of our strategic partners to accelerate rural innovations and break the barriers to social change. This is the cornerstone of our hope for a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. We strive to build a network of leaders and organizations which shares the same values and skills, and are result oriented and committed to creating a more inclusive world.

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