How we work

ECoDAs applies a participatory, systematic and interdisciplinary strategy to address the needs of local communities and the challenges of sustainable ecosystem management. We work with resource users, community groups, like-minded organizations, academic institutions, the government, and the private sector to develop and implement sustainable landscape and natural resource management solutions that address the needs of local resource users. ECoDAs associates with government departments and international organizations not only as an implementing partner but also as a responsible collaborator to carry forward the development process.

We see our role as a process facilitator and catalyst developing a supportive and enabling environment for community-based natural resources governance. ECoDAs focuses on grassroots solutions to the problems facing Cameroon’s underserved communities, forests and wildlife. Grassroots solutions include empowering local communities in forest management through agroforestry, habitat restoration initiatives, and general awareness of the importance of their forests to the planet. ECoDAs advocates the importance of local community members being trained as part of forest management and rescue teams. All of our programs projects give attention to local involvement and community development.

Our belief in impact investment requires us to apply our own resources, skills and assets augmented by those of our  partners to accelerate rural innovations and break the barriers to social change. This is the cornerstone of our hope for a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. We strive to build a network of leaders and organizations which share the same values and skills, and are result oriented and committed to creating a more inclusive world.

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