Jitiz Louis

Programs Manager

Jitiz Louis serves as Programs Manager at ECoDAs. He is a holder of BSc in Geography and MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management from the University of Buea, Cameroon. In his environmental career as a geographer, he took a special interest in integrated waste management earning a certified work on the effectiveness of waste management policies. Meanwhile as a master’s student, he, despite taking professional courses in natural resource and environmental management generally, showed a deeper interest in renewable energy, disaster/hazard management and GIS consequently defending an internationally funded thesis on the Vulnerability of the West Coast of Cameroon to Coastal Erosion.

Jitiz brings in him the enthusiasm, vibrancy, charisma and innate oratory skills and as such bears in him that flexible servant that the organisation needs from time to time. Jitiz is passionate about the environment and believes that man should acknowledge the essence in the existence of other species both plants and animals and as such he is a top advocate for animals rights and flora protection. He also believes in a man-environment equilibrium wherein man’s economic and social growth is proportionate to environmental protection; that is not getting to sacrifice one for the other to be attained.

He strongly believes that the collective force of globalisation-gender parity-inclusive education-local synergy-accountability-ICT can resolve some of the fiercest challenges to the 21s t century man. Louis brings to ECODAS, expertise in the following areas: Disaster/hazard management, Geographic Information System (GIS), Flora/fauna conservation, protection and management, Waste management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Ecosystem management and environmental ethics, Environmental economics and policy, Entrepreneurship.