Author - Tansi Godwill Tansi

What are the challenges of ensuring that the protection of biodiversity is not at the expense of rural livelihoods or quality of life?

The livelihoods of rural populations living in and around protected areas are often based on a combination of agriculture, fi shing (where possible), hunting and the collection of edible and medicinal plants, fruits and herbs. Illegal hunting and fi shing and the excessive collection of natural products all have negative impacts on biodiversity. In order to protect biodiversity and increase livelihoods, people need alternatives to the overuse of products from protected areas. More productive agricultural methods can increase [...]


Empowering Poor Landless Farmers in Bana, Cameroon

The Pollination Project supports ECoDAs Creating hope for a sustainable future. In the West Region of Cameroon lies Bana, a community made up of many economic migrant workers. Although Bana is largely farmland and its occupants largely farmers, many of the inhabitants here have access to less than a hector of land. Worsening conditions on these lands have led to low food production, which in turn has led to malnutrition and poverty. In an area that depends so much on the land, worsening farming conditions leave [...]