ECoDAs is a Cameroon-based youth-led indigenous, non-profit, non-governmental and professional organization. ECoDAs is made up of a group of environmental activists and positive thinkers both in Cameroon and abroad who are passionate and committed to working with underprivileged and environmentally delicate communities in Cameroon. 

Our Key Target Sectors

Environment & Climate Change

ECoDAs works towards a better environment by restoring delicate landscapes, conserving biodiversity and promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Agriculture and food security

We promote sustainable practices in food crop production for an increase in quality/quantity of crops.


We promote entrepreneurship amongst local population to break the dependency rate of individuals and rural communities especially among women and the youths.

Education & Health

ECoDAs strives to universalize and meet the education and health needs of Below Poverty Line (BPL) and rural families in remote communities in Cameroon.

Water & Energy

We aim to provide cleaner water and energy facilities to improve health and sanitation of poor and vulnerable segments in rural communities.

Social Protection & Peace

We strive to prevent conflict, strengthening peace-building, encouraging inter-communal dialogue and peaceful coexistence through training, empowering youths to break free of the cycle of mistrust and suspicion…

Together we can make our communities better Partner with us to start making the difference today.