ECoDAs is a Cameroon-based youth-led indigenous, non-profit, non-governmental and professional organization. ECoDAs is made up of a group of environmental activists and positive thinkers both in Cameroon and abroad who are passionate and committed to working with underprivileged and environmentally delicate communities in Cameroon. 

Our Programs at a Glance

Forest and Biodiversity Conservation

Protecting endangered flora and fauna species through habitat restoration, livelihood support and supporting local and national law enforcement.

Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood

We promote sustainable agro-based and off-farm income generating activities for improved livelihoods, maintaining ecological integrity and upholding ecological justice for people dependent on natural resources.

Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH)

Working toward improved water supply, improved sanitation services and hygienic practices and strengthening local WASH institutions through low-cost, innovative and community-led interventions.

Women and Girls Empowerment

Strengthening women’s capacities to improve safety and security of women and girls and advancing women’s productive roles.

Education for All

Empowering parents and teachers by providing the tools and training they need to ensure children have access to quality education, transform their communities and protect themselves from violence.


 ECoDAs directly serves women, men, unemployed youths, school children, peasant farmers, hunters, cooperatives and common initiative groups.

Together we can make our communities better Partner with us to start making the difference today.